Thursday, May 20, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

The kids are finally coming to visit for a significant amount of time! We're going to pick them up on Memorial Day... & I DON'T HAVE TO WORK! Miracles happen! LOL! I get a day off and it's a Holiday & My husband will be home too?! Something is seriously strange here.... We hope to make the rounds to all the family members houses while they are here. Planning a trip the Zoo (one of mine and Ed's Favorite places) , maybe a camping trip with the kids Aunt Sunney & her husband Jim, & who knows where else the wind will take us. PICTURES COMING SOON!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Starting Line...

So... Here we go! The Wills' are officially "bloggers". I would have thought we weren't exciting enough to blog, yet it seems we always have something new going on! Thanks to Heather for talking me into it! I can't wait to start posting photos and info about all the adventures we have, big & small. Hopefully the kids will add to this one day and we'll have a family journal that tells the stories of what was and what will be....

The low down..

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The everyday adventures of some crazies! Ed (dad) Danielle (stepmom) Callie (daugher) Robyn (daughter) & Ian (son). Ed has a HUGE family & it's wonderful! We have lots of great holidays & weekends with his sisters: Jennie, Andrea, Bonnie & brother Jason, & too many neices, nephews, & cousins to list! The Kiddo's live in New Mexico, but we try to have them as often as possible. My family is tiny in comparison. Just my Mom, sis, bro, Nephew Deegan, Uncle, Aunt, Cousin, & J.J. (best friend/sis). I always thought we didn't have enough adventures or exciting moments to start a blog... But it seems the more I think I about it there are plenty of things that we want to always remember! It wont be the most exciting blog but it's our Blog ;-)